Welcome to ultimatumtraining.com a hands on learning and development website portal to build a marketable skill set using WordPress and Adobe software.

The benefit of this learning portal is you can watch step-by-step, “how to” and “best practices” training videos right from your WordPress dashboard and developed by Think Learn Earn and taught by master software teacher Robert Farrell.

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Mark Peters

I’m Mark Peters and I am and have been a student of Robert’s for many years. I stumbled upon Robert’s training after being frustrated by a lot of the technical jargon that was being used in tutorials for these type of subjects. Robert makes it simple and teaches you how the software thinks which made it so much easier to get things accomplished and done.

I still very much use the training because it’s easy to forget things we learn and by having them inside my website dashboard and being able to bookmark and makes notes is just magic.

Even without this plugin I would still be using all this training, but the plugin has taken this to a new level and is something that I wanted to be part of when Robert decided to build it.

I have always paid for my training from Robert and still do but have also taken the opportunity to become a reseller as I believe it is some of the best training out there and from time to time I can offer you some great deals because of that.


Some of the Video Trainings available include (check the home page for more)

  • WP 4.0 and Ultimatum Essentials
  • Ultimatum Masterclass
  • Easy Digital Downloads Training
  • Ultimatum Rackspace Website. (Using RackSpace as the Example)
  • WordPress Membership Websites Training
  • WordPress 4 Google SEO Master Course
  • WP-Pizza Take-out Menu


Download the free plugin to get a feel for how it all works and how much better it is having them inside your WordPress Dashboard.

See you inside and thanks for being here… Mark – Ultimatum Training.com

PLEASE NOTE: The video training library will continue to grow week after week and month after month with new Ultimatum website design ideas, production techniques and new and exciting video tutorials for free and premium plugins… Stay Tuned 😉